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Venezuela 12 days

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Day 1


Our representative will be waiting at the International Airport upon your arrival. Afterwards you will be transferred from Maiquetia airport to the Hotel Eurobuilding Express. Accommodation in a standard room with air conditioning and private bath.

Day 2

Merida – Los Llanos

Transfer Hotel to Maiquetia Airport, for the flight to Barinas. In Barinas you will be transferred to Hato Cedral (meeting with the rest of the group). On arrival you will be given a meal typical of the area and then in the late afternoon there will be an excursion. Accommodation in Hato Cristero.

Day 3

Los Llanos

The daily excursions (morning and afternoon) are all in a 4×4 vehicle from which you have a perfect view of the scenery. It may be possible to take a boat trip along the river, depending on the season. Bilingual guides will accompany you on all excursions. You can even arrange with the ranch to go on a special excursion to look for giant anteaters, armadillos, iguanas, blond monkeys and capuchin monkeys, as well as capibaras (the largest rodent in the world) and caimans.

Day 4

Los Llanos – Caracas

After breakfast, transfer to the Barinas Airport where you take a flight to Caracas. At the Maiquetia Airport you will take a Caracas City Tour. This walk will take you through part of the old city downtown, where you will see a number of historical locations evoking what Caracas looked like during the 18th and 19th centuries. Some of the places visited during the trip include La Plaza Bolivar, Bolivar Museum, Basilica de Santa Teresa and the Teatro Nacional. During the tour through old Caracas there will also be many opportunities to see modern architecture and attractions as well (cable car is optional). In the Afternoon you will be transferred to the Hotel Eurobuilding Express.

Day 5

Caracas – Puerto Ordaz

Early in the morning, transfer to the Maiquetia Airport where you take a flight to Puerto Ordaz. Our representative will be waiting at the Puerto Ordaz Airport to begin the sale on the Orinoco River by boat. The sail continues to the confluence of the Orinoco and Caroni rivers, with its contrasting colors; you follow the river up and, if its level is still high, you could enter the Caño Macapaima, where with a little luck you will observe birds, monkeys, dolphins and piranhas. You can also see in the distance different industrial dock areas and the bridge Orinokia. Return to the waters of the Caroni River to pass through the rapids of Cachamay, La Llovizna Falls and time permitting, you have a brief stop at a beach. In the afternoon return to Puerto Ordaz.  Accommodation in Hotel Venetur Intercontinental

Day 6

Puerto Ordaz – Canaima

After breakfasts, transfer to Puerto Ordaz Airport for your flight to Canaima. At the Canaima Airport you will be met by our representative and then transferred to the Canaima Camp, situated alongside the Canaima Lagoon with its spectacular views. The excursion begins! We will start passing along the Canaima Lagoon, and navigating our way through the waterfalls of Hacha, Golondrinas, Ucaima and Guadaima to get to the opposite end of the lagoon.  Once we reach Ucaima Port, we disembark and walk until arrival at the entrance of Sapo Falls; there we have the opportunity to pass behind the water curtain for a beautiful view behind the falls.  We will then continue on to Sapito falls, where participants will have the opportunity to enjoy the wonders of the natural landscape.  Following, we will return via curiara (indigenous dug-out boats) to the campsite in Canaima. Overnight in Ucaima Lodge.

Day 7

Canaima – Puerto Ordaz

After breakfasts, overflight Angel Fall and flight to Puerto Ordaz. Transfer Puerto Ordaz Airport to Hotel Eurobuilding Plaza Guayana.

Day 8

Puerto Ordaz – Maturin

After Breakfast, you will be transferred to the Boca de Uracoa port for the trip by boat to Orinoco Delta, and transfer to Aparto Suites San Miguel

Day 9

Maturin – Paria

Transfer to the Caripe we will visit one of the main touristic places near Caripe. It is the Cueva de Guácharo National Park. The cave (Cueva) is the largest known cave in the country and is over 10 kilometers in length. It was discovered by Alexander von Humboldt, and it is also home to one of the largest known colonies of the guácharos or Oil Birds (or steatornis caripensis, if you speak Latin). It is a nocturnal, fruit eating, dark grey-blue colored bird that grows up to 60cm in length, and has a wingspan of 110cm. They look like a hawk. The guácharos are unique among birds in that they have the ability to navigate using high-pitched squawks for echo-location like bats. Guided tours of the cave only go in about 1500 meters. In the afternoon transfer to  Villa Playa de Uvas.

Day 10

Relax at the Beach

Day 11

Villa Playa de Uva – Playa Medina

Short after breakfast, transfer to Posada Shalimar, where we will take a ride on a boat to Playa Medina, one of the most beautiful beaches of the Caribbean. We will take a bath there and eat fried fish below the coconut palms. After breakfasts, visit to the Cacao Factory. The factory has recently opened a museum for tourists. We will return to Villa Playa de Uva.

Day 12

Cumana – Caracas

In the morning, after breakfast you will be transferred to the Cumana Airport for your flight to Caracas.

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