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Venezuela 11 days

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Day 1

Arrival in Venezuela

Our representative will be waiting at the International Airport upon your arrival. Afterwards you will be transferred to Hotel Eurobuilding Express. Accommodation in a standard room with air conditioning and private bath.

Day 2

Caracas – Puerto Ordaz – Canaima

Early in the morning, transfer to the Maiquetia Airport where you take a flight to Puerto Ordaz, for the connection to Canaima. At the Canaima Airport you will be met by our representative and then transferred to the Canaima Camp, situated alongside the Canaima Lagoon with its spectacular views. The excursion begins! We will start passing along the Canaima Lagoon, and navigating our way through the waterfalls of Hacha, Golondrinas, Ucaima and Guadaima to get to the opposite end of the lagoon. Once we reach Ucaima Port, we disembark and walk until arrival at the entrance of Sapo Falls; there we have the opportunity to pass behind the water curtain for a beautiful view behind the falls.  We will then continue on to Sapito falls, where participants will have the opportunity to enjoy the wonders of the natural landscape. Following, we will return via curiara (indigenous dug-out boats) to the campsite in Canaima. Overnight in Parakaupa Lodge.

Day 3

Full Day Angel Fall

We are going to start the day at 4:30 a.m. and meet in the dinning area for a small snack before departure. Shortly after, we are going to leave and travel via curiara (indigenous dug-out boat) for approximatley 15 minutes which will eventually turn into the Savanna.  Following, we will travel approximatley 30 minutes by land untill we reach banks of the Carrao, where we will again transport by boat. After reaching the “Well of Happiness” and the “Orquidea Island” we will stop to rest and eat breakfast. After finishing breakfast we will continue on our journey at which point the participants will have time to notice the beautiful and pristine landscape that borders Auyantepui, adjacent to the torrent waters of the Churun river, until arriving at Mouse Island where we will be able to enjoy the incredible sights and sounds of Angel Falls (the worlds tallest waterfall). During this time our guides will be preparing lunch for the participants in a shelter near the falls. Additionally, there is an optional walking route for those who want to visit the Laime viewpoint, however it should be noted that it is a difficult walk (one hour walking up the viewpoint and one hour to return). The Laime viewpoint provides great access and a wonderful view of Angel falls.  Participants will then return to the refuge of the falls where they will have time to rest and eat a delicious meal prepared by our guides, after which we retuern to the campsite in Canaima. Overnight in Parakaupa Lodge.

Day 4

Canaima –Puerto Ordaz

After breakfasts, picking up your luggage at the camp and transferring to the airport, for your flight to Puerto Ordaz. Transfer Puerto Ordaz Airport to La Casa Hotel Boutique

Day 5

Puerto Ordaz – Orinoco Delta

After Breakfast, you will be transferred to the Orinoco Delta Camp. After lunch you’ll enjoy a spectacular excursion to see the diverse wildlife of the area, followed by dinner at the lodge. You will stay in beds in small cabins. Orinoco Delta Lodge

Day 6

Orinoco Delta Lodge

In the morning you will wake up to the sounds of the jungle. After breakfast we will travel through the remote Guenamorena region of the Delta before journeying on to our rustic Jakara Camp. Here we board canoes and follow a small river that allows us to venture deep into the jungle. Your Indian guide will locate an excellent spot for a perfect jungle walk and for those of you who have never been in the jungle before the experience is truly unforgettable. The silence of the jungle is occasionally interrupted by the strange cries of exotic birds while the pungent smells blend into the blanket of humidity. There are dense galleries of crawling plants and giant trees competing for rations of scarce sun light under the lush jungle canopy. After returning to camp for lunch we will visit the Warao Indians and take a rewarding glimpse into their way of life while discover many more smaller rivers systems and extensive vegetation. We will return to the Orinoco Delta. Orinoco Delta Lodge

Day 7

Orinoco Delta – Caracas

After a hearty breakfast your guide will take you by boat to an area in the Delta that is perfect for fishing. You will be given poles, bait your hooks with raw meat and fish for the infamous Piranhas, after we take you back to your port of entry where you can return to the real world. Transfer from Orinoco Delta to Maturin Airport for your flight to Caracas. Transfer to Hotel Eurobuilding Express

Day 8

Caracas – Los Roques

Early in the morning, transfer to the airport for your flight to Los Roques. Once in Los Roques, you’ll be transferred to the Posada Standard

Day 9

Relax at the Beach in Los Roques

Relax at any of the beaches in Los Roques, with all meals, no-alcoholic drinks included.

Day 10

Los Roques – Caracas

Relax at any of the beaches in Los Roques. In the afternoon you will be taking the flight to Caracas. Arrival in Maiquetia you will be transferred to Hotel Avila in Caracas, accommodation in standard room with air conditioning and private bath.

Day 11

Caracas City Tour

After breakfast, you will take a Caracas City Tour. This walk will take you through part of the old city downtown, where you will see a number of historical locations evoking what Caracas looked like during the 18th and 19th centuries. Some of the places visited during the trip include La Plaza Bolivar, Bolivar Museum, Basilica de Santa Teresa and the Teatro Nacional. During the tour through old Caracas there will also be many opportunities to see modern architecture and attractions as well (cable car is optional). In the afternoon, you will be transferred to Maiquetia International airport.

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