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The surface of the country is comparable to another continents surface and its area can be compared with Europen surface. Iguasu, means „Big Water” in Guarani Indians language. There is a River, which is called the same and establishes the borderline between Argentina and the Brasilian state Parana. There is no bridge on Iguasu, only narrow asphalt road can be noticed in green area. The neighborhood area forms part of natural reserve. Long distance buses are the most economic option to travel between Brazilian agglomerations, which are often situated far away from each other – hundreds and thousands of kilometers. It is common that buses stopover in road bars for its passengers convenience every couple of hours. In South part of Brazil the regular part of such road bar is called charrascaria, where delicious grilled meat – churrasco – is served.

Additional information:

We strongly recommend to plan additional 2 day leisure stay in Manaus. The hotel is excellent and such intensive trip usually the short rest is well-recommended.
 Vaccinations recommended: hepatitis A + B, diphtheria, tetanus)

Dates and number of people – to be discussed.

  • *** and **** hotels (exemplary hotels)
  • Rio Janeiro ”Rio Copa Hotel” Hotel ***
  • Iguassu ”Continental Inn” Hotel ****
  • Manaus ”Auriau Jungle Hotel” Hotel*** interesting hotel resort located on a tree and surrounded by Amazon Jungle
  • Manaus ”Tropical Manaus” Hotel****
1. Day

Meeting with the participants of the excursion at “Chopin” airport, departure to Rio de Janeiro.

2. Day

Arrival & luggage pick-up, transfer to the “Rio Copa Hotel”. Accommodation. Guided sightseeing tour in Rio around 14:00, among others: botanical garden (complete sightseeing time – approximately 4 hours). Supper at the restaurant „Jantar Mio Ristorante Sem Bebi Dias” at 20.00, accommodation at the “Rio Copa Hotel”.

3. Day

After breakfast excursion to Corcovado, visiting sugar plantation, dinner. Arrival to Rio in the late afternoon. Dinner – Rio by Night at 20.00 and Samba Show At Platforma (dance show). Accommodation at the “Rio Copa Hotel”.

4. Day

After breakfast departure to national park – guided tour. Dinner at the restaurant „Churrasciara Boi de Ouro” at 13.00. After dinner, transfer to the airport, departure to Rio de Janeiro – Iguassu. After arrival transfer to “Continental Inn” hotel. Dinner in barbecue style at 20.00 + Show Rafain (outside the hotel). Accommodation at the “Continental Inn” hotel.

5. Day

After breakfast departure and visiting Iguassu / Argentinian water falls. As one of the attractions pontoon trip along the water falls. Dinner at 13:00 and departure to Iguassu – free time. Supper at the restaurant Emporio da Gula including dance show “Folklore of 3 borders” at 20.00. Arrival to the hotel late at night and accommodation at the “Continental Inn” hotel.

6. Day

After breakfast – helicopter flight in water falls area + visiting National Park (variety of bird and butterfly species). Afterwards short sightseeing of Paraguay – shopping, departure & supper at the “Jantar late Lube” Restaurant situated near Parana Rand river. Arrival to the hotel late at night and accommodation at the “Continental Inn” hotel.

7. Day

Light breakfast at 04.00 (coffee, tea, biscuits) and transfer to the air port. Departure from Iguassu to Manus at 06.00, stopover in Sao Paulo. Transfer to the “Ariau Jungle Hotel” at 12.30 and supper at 19.00. After supper night boat safari along the river and crocodile observation. Accommodation at the “Auriau Jungle Hotel”.

8. Day

After breakfast guided walking route in the neighborhood – Amazonia. Dinner at 13.30, meeting with the guide at 16.00 and boat excursion – piranha observation. Departure to the hotel – supper. In the evening night safari on guests’ request. Accommodation at the “Auria Jungle Hotel”.

9. Day

After breakfast transfer to the “Tropical Manaus” hotel (between 10.00 – 12.00, to be discussed). Dinner – self-catering. Supper at the hotel at 19.00 and accommodation at the “Tropical Manaus” hotel.

10. Day

Transfer to the airport in Manaus at 01.00. Flight to Rio – short sightseeing, transfer to the airport at 16.00 and flight to Paris.

11. Day

Arrival to Paris and flight to Warsaw.

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